3 Common Garden & Landscape Questions, Answered

Katelyn Preston April 8, 2016

If you’ve been thinking about starting a garden or upping your landscaping game, you probably have a lot of questions. We understand, so we’ve rounded up three common questions and have matched them to a few of our exhibitors that can help provide answers.

Q1: What type of soil is best for planting vegetables in my backyard?

If you want to grow hearty, nutritious vegetables and go straight from garden to table, soil testing is one way to start your organic gardening journey. IAS Laboratories, located in Phoenix, can help you take the guesswork out of your garden soil so you’re prepped and ready to grow.

The soil sample will be analyzed and provide information regarding the soil makeup, looking at levels of calcium, magnesium sodium, potassium, pH and more.

Simply get in touch with the experienced technicians at IAS Labs for more information and to send in your soil sample. IAS Labs also offers plant and water testing, fertilizer/compost/manure tests and humic/fulvic acid testing.

Once you’ve got the soil just right, you’ll want to understand the growing season in Arizona and the best time to plant. Check out the ‘Farmer’s Almanac’ Planting Calendar for planting dates of foods like beans, onions, peas, spinach, and tomatoes. Even watermelon!

Q2: What kind of fertilization do my plants, especially my palms, need to stay healthy and beautiful?

As Arizonans, we are lucky to have such beautiful plants and trees available for our yards and gardens – especially palm trees! Palms and other trees provide shade, privacy and, depending on where you live, can even help to minimize street noise.

Queen Palms are one of the most popular palms to grow in the Arizona desert. The Queen Palm, among other trees and plants, may need more help than you can offer in the case of trimming and pruning, fertilization, etc. Landscape Doctors, located in Phoenix, can help you with these bigger tasks.

In addition to watering regularly and pruning/trimming, palms also need manganese and can become manganese deficient. Landscape Doctors can assess your trees and provide guidance on how to bring your palms back to tip-top shape. After all, they have the “prescription for healthy plants!”

Moon Valley Nurseries, with eight locations across the greater Phoenix area, has created this handy Queen Palm Care Guide to assist homeowners in caring for Queen Palms.

Q3: What is the recommended type of irrigation for my lawn and plants?

Providing your plants with just the right amount of water can be a challenge in the Valley of the Sun. According to Masterscapes LLC, professional landscapers in Phoenix, over-watering is a major problem. Their experts have the knowledge and experience needed to install or repair your current irrigation system to make sure you give your lawn, plants, shrubs, flowers, and trees the right amount of water and keep your yard looking great.

Do you have other questions about gardening or landscaping? We’d love to hear feedback…contact us today!