A Guide to Southwest Color, Textiles and Accents

Kelsey Vickers June 2, 2017

In areas of the Southwest, more specifically Arizona, it’s common to see natural colors that blend into the surroundings; this is unique to our area of the country. Southwest styles are typically warm and neutral, earthy tones with rough textures, paired with bright accents.

You may be thinking terracotta floors, tiled roofs, and adobe homes, but you don’t need to stick with traditional furniture, decor and materials to bring touches of the southwest into your home. Here are our tips on how different wall colors, accents, and textiles can transform the style of your house.


Create a smooth transition from room to room in your home by sticking to three colors, (maximum five), for your color pallet. Choose neutral tones like adobe reds and oranges, desert sandy-touches, or cactus and grassy hues of green. If you’ve ever witnessed an infamous Phoenix desert sunset, you know that you can even get creative with dusty yellows, pinks, and touches of turquoise and blues.


Home accents will depend on the type of look and feel you want in your home. There are three major styles in southwestern culture: Old West, Mexican Southwest, and Native American Southwest. Hand-painted tiles used on walls, floors or countertops, pottery and ceramic pieces, or traditional paintings and hand-woven rugs help to add color and depth to any desert home. Wrought iron on stairways, fences, doors and other home pieces also adds a unique touch.


Textiles help determine and set the mood, style, and level of comfort in a room or space. Southwest textiles typically utilize leather, suede, woven materials and rustic wood. This is important when wanting to add depth and color to a room, with different fabrics, materials, prints and patterns to define your space.

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