Affordable Alternatives to Granite Countertops

Kelsey Vickers July 14, 2017

A kitchen remodel can be a daunting task, especially since the most used room in your home may be out of commission for a while! There are so many items to consider: flooring, cabinets, lighting, appliances and more… including countertops.  

Whether you’re being budget savvy or splurging, there are an array of countertop types to fit your needs and style. By getting creative with colors, patterns, and materials, you’ll not only add functionality to your kitchen and bathrooms, but also a uniqueness to ‘your’ kitchen. Utilize your countertops as a design accent in your home by going beyond granite with our great tips.


Tile is an inexpensive option with endless patterns to choose from! You can also make unique designs with tile patterns and colored grout. Think outside of the square-tile-box and get creative with options like subway, mosaic or penny tiles. If done properly, tile countertops can have a timeless look without breaking the bank.

Stone and Soapstone

If you’re looking to splurge, stone countertops are sleek, modern, and clean while keeping a soft look in your space. Stone and soapstone are very environmentally friendly and durable while adding value to your renovation.


Concrete countertops have a very natural feel, much like a stone. For a moder,n sleek look, concrete countertops can create a great statement piece with a waterfall edge.

Glass and Recycled Glass

There is one distinct difference in solid glass counters and recycled glass counters; the price. Countertops made of recycled glass are typically more affordable while being eco-friendly and durable. Recycled glass countertops also add character and a creative touch with color tones to make your space unique.

For a more expensive option, solid glass countertops can add a dramatic feel in your space by resembling a block of ice. Think cool, modern and contemporary with a classic look.

Steel and Copper

When you think stainless steel, think beyond commercial kitchens and modern homes. Steel will add a clean, streamlined look to any kitchen. Copper can also be used for both countertops and backsplashes. Not only does copper add warmth to a room, but also assists with functionality by being very resistant to germs and bacteria, making it a great use for prep counters. Both copper and stainless steel can show dents, scratches and wear over time if not taken care of properly, however, so make sure to take that into consideration.

Wood/Butcher’s Block

Wood and butcher’s block are typically used when building kitchen islands, but this material can look great in all spaces of your kitchen. Natural or dark-stained wood can add contrast and character to your space. Wood countertops come in a variety of colors, stains, types of wood, etc., making it versatile enough for any style kitchen!


Just recently popular, quartz countertops come in an array of colors, making it a trendy option for new and renovated kitchens. It’s durable and fairly cheap in comparison to its competitors, such as marble.


Marble is one of your most expensive countertop options. Luxurious in style, look and feel, marble can be a great addition to your home when renovating or building your kitchen and bathrooms. If not taken care of properly and sealed properly, however, it will easily stain.

Your countertops should play a large role in your kitchen planning – they will be used so much, so considering all options will help ensure you make the right decision for your family. If you recently renovated or are in the process of planning a kitchen remodel, we’d love to hear about your countertop shopping experience! Find us on Facebook and share your story with us!