Guide to Gardening: A Beginner's Toolbox

Kelsey Vickers June 9, 2017

Beginning a new hobby and the skills that come with it can be exhilarating and enjoyable, but also very daunting and draining. Learning to garden successfully requires patience and knowledge to grow a thriving, living outdoor space!

After deciding where you will position your garden and what exactly you will grow, you’ll want to make sure that you have the tools to successfully tend to your space.

As a beginner gardener, buying high-quality tools that you can use for multiple tasks is a much better method than purchasing specialized tools for each specific task. You’ll be collecting an assortment of short hand tools, long hand tools, and supplies over time as you garden, and we’re here to help you get started with the basics!

Shorthand planting tools:

  • Hand fork: A multi-purpose tool that has three-prongs (matching the look of a fork). You can find these with wooden or plastic handles. 
  • Hand Dibber: A tool that is found in wood or stainless steel and is useful for making holes to plant seeds or smaller bulbs.
  • Hand Trowel: A hand shovel tool for digging holes, it has a short blade and is thick in width.
  • Hand Spade: Another type of hand shovel, but the blade is square-shaped. These are great for digging larger holes or moving small mounds of dirt.
  • Hand pruner: This tool is for pruning bushes and branches.

Long hand tools:

  • Rake
  • Fork: Much like the hand fork, this is a multi-purpose tool with three prongs that you can also find with a wooden or plastic handle.
  • Hoe: This long handle tool has a thin, flat metal blade that is great for breaking up large piles of dirt.
  • Spade: Much like the hand spade, this shovel tool is square-shaped for digging and moving large piles of dirt.

Gardening supplies:

  • Hat: You’ll want to protect your neck and head when spending time in the sun.
  • Knee pads: Much like a hat, after spending time in your garden, your knees will begin to hurt. Protect them from the beginning by getting a comfy knee pad or pads.
  • Gloves: You’ll want to keep at least two pairs of gloves around. One thin pair for day-to-day and a thicker pair for thorny bushes and plants.
  • Hose: Essential for keeping your garden alive and watered. Look for an adjustable nozzle attachment that will help you control the water pressure.
  • Wheelbarrow: If you’re moving large amounts of soil or plants, a wheelbarrow will help you get the job done much quicker and easier.
  • Gardening bucket: Gardening buckets have pockets to keep tools, scissors, gardener's knives, shears etc., organized in an easily carried bucket.

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