Organized Home Series: De-cluttering Your Kitchen

Kelsey Vickers April 11, 2017

To kick off our organized home series, we’d like to start with the heart of the home: the kitchen. Typically, the kitchen is the most commonly used space in the house, which can lead to clutter and disorganization. We’re here to help by ensuring you that no matter the size, kitchen organization is possible! With our easy steps, you’ll learn some helpful tips and tricks to reach ultimate organization of your kitchen.


Arranging your space

Establish the flow of your kitchen by the use and frequency of your items. Think, what do I use most often, and how easily do I want to be able to retrieve those items? You also want to take advantage of small hooks, hangers, or shelving with your dish towels, aprons, and potholders. Make sure they are conveniently placed somewhere that is close in proximity to where they are going to be used. 


Functional options

Get creative with bins, kitchen storage accessories, and repurposing other household items for easy organizing.  Install slider drawers or built in racks for your pots, pans and cutting boards.  A versatile option for storage is to hang decorative racks on walls, above your island, sink space, or stove top. There are a variety of baskets with labels that are great for grouping together fruit snacks, energy bars or other individually wrapped snack foods that add an appealing look to any open shelving units.


Inside your Cabinets and Pantry

Clear, plastic containers with airtight lids are great for crackers or other loose food, pasta, baking ingredients, and cereals to minimize the number of boxes on your pantry shelves. Also, utilize hooks, cork boards, or magnetic striping on the back of any cabinet door. Paired with chalkboard paint for labeling, these easy changes are great for small utensils, measuring cups, and more!


Under-the-Sink Storage

There are endless possibilities to arrange your under-the-sink cleaning supplies and other necessities. Install a spring-loaded rod for hanging your cleaners and sprays out of the way, add a small shelf for soaps and sponges, and add hooks for cleaning gloves or towels on the inside door to not lose out on any potential space.


Less is always more in your kitchen space. The less you see, the larger your kitchen appears. By adding purpose to many of the under-utilized areas and getting creative with organizing everyday items in drawers and cabinets, you will find that you have more space than you thought you did. You’ll also notice that cooking becomes more enjoyable when your items are easy to find, easy to get to, and easy to put away.


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