Organized Home Series: Linen Closet Makeover

Kelsey Vickers April 21, 2017

Do you cringe at the thought of a guest in your home opening your linen closet door looking for a towel or extra pillow? If you answered yes, it may be time to get organized.

If your linen closet is like most, it serves a much greater purpose than just storage for your extra linens. Being the catch-all for extra sheet sets, bedding, pillows, blankets, toiletries, and other miscellaneous items, your linen closet is typically your go-to storage space for many things. Wanting to be fully organized, you’ll want every space to have a purpose.

So, how do you organize your linen closet to serve the needs of your family?

Step 1: Purging and Cleaning

Purge things you no longer need or use, linens that are old or torn, and any items that may be broken. It is best to start from scratch by taking everything out of your closet; yes, everything. As you take things out and begin moving them to your open counter spaces or floor, create piles of like items and a pile for donations. Purge things you don’t need, don’t use, or haven’t even seen in the past 12 months.

*Tip- Blanket and sheet donations can serve a great purpose at your local animal shelters!

Step 2: Determine your space

This step comes when your closet is completely empty. Look around at your piles - towels, sheets, pillows, laundry items, etc. Use this to determine where things will go in the closet. A great way to do this is by using sticky notes first to map out the organization and flow of your area. This will help you see what’s the most practical use of the space, without having to move items around after they’re already been placed on the shelves.

*Tip- Put your most commonly used items front and center!

Step 3: Know your folds

This is important when trying to maximize space in any small area. Are your shelves deep or narrow? If they’re deep, fold your towels or role them strategically to be slimmer and longer. This will help you solve the issue of having to store items behind one another, because what the eye can’t see will likely be lost and not used.

We all know the dreaded fold of the fitted bed sheet. A creative way to fold and organize sheet sets so they not only stay together as a set, but also look neat and tidy, is to fold your sheets and place them inside a pillowcase, using it like a pocket.

*Tip- Keep a fresh scented dryer sheet inside your folded sheet set pocket, it will keep your linens smelling fresh for guests.

Step 4: Step 3: Utilize bins and baskets

From cute baskets and bins to office supplies and shelf brackets, you can create a cohesive space for your linens with almost anything in your home. Storage with baskets or bins are great for extra toilet paper rolls, cleaning supplies, and small toiletry items. If you’re looking for a way to separate towels and bedding, shelf brackets can be flipped around and used as a divider. This way, you won’t get caught shoving things where they don’t typically go.

*Tip- Labeling your baskets and bins with what’s inside helps you and your guests find items quicker.

Step 5: Don’t forget your door

Just like most bathrooms and bedrooms, the back of the door is an often-forgotten space. You can use the back of your closet door for hanging items of all kinds. Towels, table runners, an ironing board, even gift-wrapping essentials or crafting and art supplies - the list goes on. This storage option can open doors (no pun intended) to endless options for your home and its needs and functions in a linen closet. If storing craft and art supplies here, the door will also be an easy accessible option for your kids to reach items they need.

*Tip- If you don’t want to use permanent rods or hooks, there are many over-the-door alternatives!

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