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I have been in the fabrication and machine shop business since 2000 and enjoyed every minute of it. I have learned so much from many acquaintances over the years. In 2007, I decided to take a leap of faith and go for something I have dreamed of for so long- working with metal art. I find that designing and individually cutting each design for customers is a passion, especially when I see their smile and feel their gratitude from the satisfaction of seeing the final end product.

All of my products are cut from 16 gauge to 1/4 inch metal and are powdercoated black, which shows the best contrast with lighter backgrounds or when posted outdoors. Most of the plant type art is not powdercoated and will become more rustic with time. Each piece will have their own unique patina.

Your personal sketch or design, unique to you, can be cut to any size. Names and other items can be introduced into almost any metal art cutting as a personal touch and for a more personalized gift for someone special in your life. I can also design a logo or sign to set out in your front yard or over a drive. The options of what you would like are limited with only by your imagination.

Choose from our pattern templates or E-mail us to share your thoughts ideas and I can then draw them up for you. You will, then, receive a print out as to how it will look, with the size that you want, and then we can make any adjustments from there. With your final approval, the metal is then cut and ready for pick up or delivery.

Any combination of designs can be compiled together, to your liking, to express who you are.

I also do custom metal cutting of parts for equipment - for individuals or companies. Contact me for more information about my other services.

Give us a try - I guarantee you will be pleased with the results and quality of the product!


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Decor Metals

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